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We are an old established Tuscan family, who have maintained the traditions of these Chianti vineyards and olive groves for 4 centuries, following organic farming principles.
The property is “Fattoria Masseto”. It consists of the main house, which is the owners' home, and two farm houses which were formerly the homes of the share farmer families who lived on the land they cultivated. This created the landscape of buildings and worked land so typical of this magnificent area. Following the decline of share farming practices, the farmhouses fell into a period of disuse until the concept of agritourism was introduced and allowed these beautiful buildings to be brought back to life.

The last thirty years have been dedicated to restoring the buildings and conserving their architectural features, while making the apartments comfortable and in keeping with modern standards. Our desire is to offer simplicity with attention to detail, for a restorative and relaxing stay that regenerates both body and spirit.

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